YouTube: responsible and guilty?

After having almost ruined the phonographic industry, seriously weakened the film industry then television and the rest by allowing the greatest theft of intellectual property in the history of humanity to the detriment of all artists, authors, creators and producers on the planet, broadcasters of “content” but especially “works” on the net seem finally subject to the same laws and responsibilities as others! If this is confirmed beyond Vienna (Austria), it would not be too soon!

No, a “content” broadcaster is not a pipeline, a gas pipeline, or even a sewer, in short, it is not a “pipe”: it is a broadcaster.

If, even, a kitten who falls into a box without being able to get out has an owner and, if there is a selfie filmed by a very talented kitten, this video also has an author.

Yes, it is normal for a broadcaster to be responsible for what they broadcast, how could it be otherwise?

Yes, it is normal that they pay the creators and the intellectual owners of the works diffused and it is disturbing to note that these future “ex-pipes” concern themselves with intellectual property when they become in their turn producers by injecting billions of dollars in the creation of original works. ”

“The Sprinkler Sprinkled” (aka L’arroseur arrosé) is a work of Louis Lumière as old as the cinema (1895). It seems that pipe owners have seen it …

(translated from French)