Quick Questionnaire with Multiple Choices and Simple Answers.

In your opinion, can Mark Zuckerberg be:

1) Naive:

Can we be naive and make Facebook a global success?

Yes, if MZ had been an isolated genius inventor in his lab, like “Professor Sunflower” in Tintin.

After all, Einstein contributed to the invention of the atomic bomb “unknowingly”.

However, this is not the image we have of MZ. A clue: he comes from Harvard, not from MIT … He’s a business man, not an engineer.

2) stupid:

no !

3) cynical:

Perhaps, but naive as well, if he thought he could procure and massively supply the sensitive and intimate data of all the inhabitants of a country without anyone noticing it. Besides, who did it and how?

4) irresponsible:

Perhaps, in the manner of those monomaniac entrepreneurs for whom the end justifies all the means and all the sacrifices when it comes to their baby. He has probably crossed the white line very early in the use of our personal data since it is the most monetizable resource he has. Without these intimate and valuable data, no “big data” exploitation and no super profitable business model.

5) immature:

Is MZ aware of the gravity of his actions?

Not sure, to see the zombie “betabloqued” who recites his text written by the best crisis managers in the world paid $ 1,000,000 sign, under the invective of senators remained stuck under Gutenberg. Of course, he apologizes and if he was Japanese, he would cry, but we feel that the heart is not there and that he really seems to wonder what he is doing here.

6) trapped:

Who knows ? He is one of the most powerful men in the world and recently had a supreme political ambition. Becoming embarrassing, it is dropped with the case “Cambridge Analytica”. This is very possible, but the fact remains that our most intimate data could be delivered to anyone who has the means or the power.

Until the early 1970s, smokers could be unaware that they were at risk of cancer. For social networks and whatever the responsibility of MZ, now we know. We know that all traces left on the internet are exploitable by anyone and to our detriment or to the detriment of democracy.

(Translated from French)