” Secret Message Society” (SMS)

I just read in the press that Emmanuel Macron’s advisers were demoralized by the “textoteurs” of the evening. These people in the shadows who, without operational responsibility or real knowledge of the files, send sms to the President to criticize and comment on the actions of the government. These text stalkers do not need to ask an audience to the prince to give their opinion, they just need to send a text to the 06 presidential. As I understand the dismay of these unfortunate Elysian advisers! I have paid the price in my management positions because the world of politics and entertainment, to which I belong, are similar: they are very exposed public activities and therefore easily criticized. If the Very Big Boss communicates too generously his 06 and Pandora’s box opens to all the bad winds. But worse, the use of sms is even more deleterious in the other direction is to say when Very Big Boss sends sms to anyone he wants and especially to the employees under your responsibility. He has the right because it is the Very Big Boss, but he does not inform you, because he Very Big Boss.
Horizontal or medieval?
At a time when the powers must flatten in both senses of the term, the sms becomes the favored intermediary of this “horizontal” governance. Why is not it the mail? For three reasons: 1) our mailboxes have a field “cc” and “bcc” (invisible carbon copy) that encourage to copy which right. 2) receive an email is less intimate so less flattering than receiving a sms Very Big Boss. 3) the discretion of the sms provides the perverse pleasure but pleasurable cuckold managers: “Come on, I send a small text of congratulations to Sophie, she works so well at the moment.” Do not get me wrong, this is not moral harassment, nor sexual harassment, on the contrary, it starts from a good feeling: to encourage a deserving collaborator. But when Napoleon gave an ear to a grunt, it was a sign of personal but public recognition. While the SMS of Very Big Boss is discreet even secret. This is the Prince’s fact and it is medieval rather than horizontal management.

Poor middle managers, senior managers and executives!
With these text messages “targeted”, coaching is only used to monitor the good performance of low works and to announce the bad news to the teams. For the good news and the testimonials of recognition and sympathy, Very Big Boss sends text messages directly to your collaborators, proud and flattered to belong to the Secret Society of Texting. Of course it is flattering for the lucky recipient, but it undermines the authority and legitimacy of his hierarchy. Moreover, the recipient who knows that this hierarchical shunt could well fall back on a day keeps, most of the time, to inform his superiors lest they die of jealousy! Finally, the hierarchy, DRH included, learns the membership of an employee to the Secret Society of Texting that the day the recipient, after some professional setbacks, produced before the prudhommaux judges all his secret correspondence conveniently preserved …

If physically decimating management in the name of “horizontality” and the obsolescence of employees “non-digital native” has become commonplace, deprive the managers surviving of this massacre by maintaining a direct and secret correspondence with their collaborators is a management error that is expensive in the companies concerned. They cost you the authority of your managers!

Dear Presidents, Dear CEOs and other Very Big Boss, if you want your managers to effectively and legitimately manage their teams, go easy on your secret text messages and often a little demagos.

(translated from French, with Google Translate).